Our Learning Approach

We aim to build literacy in design, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics by combining hands-on projects and open-ended challenges that promote a growth mindset and foster creativity.

The Marin Makerspace Media Studio emphasizes:

  • Self-directed learning

  • Finding inspiration in everyday objects

  • Collaboration, creativity and self-expression

Some other principles we embrace:

  • Teamwork. Makers rarely work in isolation. We are a community. We find inspiration in the people, tools, social context and projects all around us. Helping each other learn and grow is key to our success.

  • We are all teachers and learners. Every child is good at something and their experience has worth. Together, both children and adults, with our collective knowledge and experience, create a stronger community by learning and creating side-by-side.

  • Language is powerful. When you can name a thing, it moves out of the realm of mystery and into our bank of known things. We expand students’ vocabulary through practice and hands-on work with new concepts and materials.

  • Exhibition, not competition. Sharing our process and outcomes is important. We believe in celebrating our achievements, not judging them against others. We value effort, not perfection.

  • Failure. Makers identify new possibilities when they have a chance to solve problems. Failure is inevitable when you are doing something new. We embrace failure as an opportunity to adopt a new perspective and try a different approach.

  • Success requires grit, resilience and pride. Resilience is the optimism to continue when you’ve experienced failure and times are so tough that others may see continuing as futile or impossible. Grit is the motivational drive that keeps you focused on a difficult task over a sustained period of time. Pride is feeling satisfied with your own achievements. We cultivate these three traits as core competencies for success.

  • Everyone can MAKE. Makers come from everywhere. Kids, adults, experts, newbies. All Makers spend long hours in their studios, shops, kitchens and garages finishing their projects, because they love what they do. Once you embracing making here, you can make anywhere.