Process-based vs. Project-based

Process-based and Project-based are opposite ends of a spectrum. Process-based creation is learner-directed, unique, and choice-driven, while project-based creation has clear steps, can be driven by others, and there’s often a specific outcome in mind.

Over the past year and especially this summer, we noticed many of our makers were hesitating and seemed not too confident when presented with the opportunity to make something.  They waited for instructions, followed them to the letter, and didn't experiment much.  While these traits may be necessary in certain settings, they are not very helpful in a Makerspace.

So we're trying a new approach, one that we hope will get makers curious and experimenting again.  By focusing maker's attention on the unique decisions they're making while creating, we strip away the need for perfection and imitation. Allowing exploration and discovery that will pique their curiosity and strengthen their resilience and grit. 

Our makers will build skills through technique and expertise through practice.  They will be the directors of their own inventions.  Complimenting our belief that everyone can make.

Read more about process-based creation and inquiry-driven learning from our friends at the Exploratorium: