Earth Day 2019

Earth day is Monday, April 22nd


Here’s a few fun facts about Earth Day (from

  • The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970

  • Earth Day originated in the US but became recognized worldwide by 1990.

  • On Earth Day 2012, more than 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel.

  • In an Earth Day celebration in 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan by the Earth Day Network.

  • In Panama, 100 endangered species of orchids were planted and maintained to prevent their extinction in honor of Earth Day.


Make a Difference with Us


Join us after school any day April 22 - 26 to make your own wildflower seed bomb. Seed bombs are used to spread flowers in bare spots, creating pockets of beauty and habitats for pollinators.