May 2019


Topic of Inquiry

Culture & Heritage

Our theme this month is Culture & Heritage. What makes you, YOU? What traditions do you practice? Why is it important to learn about and celebrate our difference?

may19Artboard 1.png


Paint, Fiber, Wire

This month, we're playing with Paint, Fiber, & Wire. We'll explore how we can use these materials to answer some of our questions about Culture & Heritage.



People, Products, & Places

Rebel Nell, partners with local organizations to seek out women who have struggled to find and retain employment. We hire these women as Creative Designers, teaching them to craft unique, wearable art from fallen layers of graffiti, while providing services to support on their way to self-sufficiency.

Most of us recognize George Seurat as one of the inventors of Pointillism (aka dot painting) but did you know that Australian Aboriginal Art employs a similar style of painting, now internationally recognized as unique and integral to their works.